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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Wayne a nighttimer/Party Crasher?
It is dawning on me as I listen to the audiobook Rant, was Wayne, my recent hitchhiker, a nighttimer/Party Crasher? A crucial detail I left out of my recent blog post about Wayne is that he talked about getting "rabified" in prison. He said people did it to each other all the time, injected their blood into your cigarette or something when they had rabies. He said having rabies is like being on a neverending bad acid trip, you break bad on people for no reason whatsoever.

Rant Casey, rabid dead protagonist of the book, got his jollies getting bitten by all manner of venomous critters. This course resulted in his rabification, and his patient-zero status in the dystopic epidemic world in which the book is set.

Had Wayne been wearing a wedding dress I'd have caught the connection quicker.

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Wayne a nighttimer/Party Crasher?