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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
a bit of lunchbreak bloggery: do mistakes come in 3's?
Listening to:the voices in my head, heheheh
Reading:something new!
Weather:hot like africa
Got word that a colleague was found dead yesterday, that's always weird. I didn't even know the guy, but have known of him, and it's always interesting how after death everyone suddenly gets angel status among his peers. No matter what the life reality was.

This is the mental backdrop for the weird 3-banger of my morning. First, I see a friend on the street whom I haven't seen in a while (he doesn't live around here, but has occasion to come around here now and again), and I shout his name from across the street. The dude turns around, it's not him. OK, I approach and we have a friendly exchange about my error, and go our separate merry ways. No biggie.

2 and a half blocks later I arrive at my building, walk into the lobby, head straight to the elevator and promptly hit the Down button. WTF? There is only one floor below ground, it's the basement, where Freddie lives, scary. My office is on the 5th floor. I have no idea why I did that, and never have in the two plus years we've been here. Confused but quick to react, I hit the Up button, too, so now both are lit. Another building tenant has arrived and is waiting next to me, while talking on his cell phone. 'vator opens, I go in and hit 3. WTF? I have never done this either. I mumble sorry about hitting the wrong button, and phone dude ignores me, and I quickly hit 5. As doors begin to close, I see someone heading into the lobby from outside. Thinking he probably wants to get on the 'vator, I realized phone dude is right next to the buttons and ignoring everyone but phone, and I am in the opposite corner, too far to stop the doors from closing. But they close, and then reopen, miraculously, without help from phone dude or me or 3rd person. WTF? Aha, 'twas my mistaken down button push that made the 'vator logic open the door a second time.

As this thought is crystallizing in my pre-coffee mind (I can smell it but it's too hot to drink yet), we reach floor 3 and the doors open and voila, phone dude steps off. Yeah, that's right, my 3rd mistake of the morning was hitting phone dude's floor button for him. Having of course no clue that's what floor he wanted.

Mistakes, or. . .?

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a bit of lunchbreak bloggery: do mistakes come in 3's?