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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
ghosts appear and fade away
Listening to:Overkill, Colin Hay
Reading:something yet unknown!
Weather:65, crazy foggy
Lots of folks probably heard Overkill for the first time on Scrubs (I first discover a lot of good new music on TV, a subject for a post another day), but I first heard it about 24 years ago. It was my favorite Men At Work song, and me and my boyfriend went to see them at RFK stadium. Good times. Until his VW Rabbit wouldn't start after the show. But even that wasn't so bad. We got a little nervous on the edge of Anacostia at dusk, but Stevo showed up and like a mad lab rabbit started tearing useless parts out from under the hood and throwing them unceremoniously out into the parking lot. Kinda hilarious, actually.

24 world rotations later, it's a foggy Wednesday morning, Livi's 3rd day of 11th grade, and that tune is still good.

I finally saw The Aristocrats the other night. The highlight for me was smiley little Bob Saget from Full House regaling us with just about the foulest version of the joke. Honestly, the versions of the joke were a bit much for me, but the commentary from so many great comedians about the essence of the comedy within the joke was pretty cool.

Three day weekend coming up, freakin sweet!

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ghosts appear and fade away