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Sunday, August 05, 2007
missing and presumed immortal
Listening to:Foo Fighters, Dear Lover
Reading:something new
Weather:73, overcast
I finally finished Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. In case the whole rabies epidemic dystopia, dude who gets his kicks by getting venomous critter bites, and wedding-dress-clad "party-crashers" purposely causing fatal car wrecks for fun wasn't enough for ya, we find late in the book that the real story is all based on time travel. I am my own grandpa kinda thing. That book was whack times ten.

Up next I have a few to choose from. Willie emailed me a suggestion, I'll have to go back to remember what book that was. Other possibilities the Last Chinese Chef, the Hero of a Thousand Faces, and And the Ass Saw the Angel.

It's hot like a bitch out here. Yesterday morning I looked at the weather forecast, particularly the lows for the next week, and decided it was time to break down and put the air conditioner in the window. Good timing. It was almost 90 by noon on my porch, and so humid that the towels I hung up around 10am yesterday are still wet almost 24 hours later. I have little rods I installed hanging about 2 inches from my porch ceiling to hang laundry, so it's outside but under cover so the colors don't sunfade. We did get a tiny brief thunderstorm yesterday afternoon for about 120 seconds, and then it was even muggier than it had been before. It didn't quite get down to 70 last night, I don't believe, but I slept in air conditioned comfort, lucky me.

I have a bunch of crap to get rid of, and I'm realizing the prime yard sale season is getting short, many opportunities have already passed me by. I don't want to have my own sale, and I'm not thrilled with the idea of sitting at someone else's with my pile o'crap. Maybe I'll talk the neighbors into taking my stuff and sliding a portion of the profits my way or something. Would quickly increase the likelihood that this crap will actually exit my house, though decreasing my monetary benefit from it. A is probably more a priority than B, though not by much. I'll probably sit around and think about it until it's too late for this year. BTW, this is not ebayable crap, it's mostly heavy or breakable.

I dumped the digivid we shot last week for Mike's next debate q, and it is not looking good to me. I hate to say it, but I think we need to reshoot. The light is just not right. It was too early in the day.

Will Olivia get her drivers license before she turns 17?

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missing and presumed immortal