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Friday, August 17, 2007
send a kid to Podcamp!
Listening to:Heard it on a Podcast, Cruisebox
Reading:devil in the white city
Weather:slight overcast 80's (very duran duran)
I'm stoked. It's friday, it's Beer Night, I'm going to crash with my friend TBone tomorrow night, and I'm going to Podcamp Pittsburgh this weekend! I haven't seen my house in daylight since I can't remember when, and won't anytime soon. I went to DC last weekend, Charleston on Wednesday morning, Burgettstown for Allman Bros and Ratdog Wednesday evening, Beckley yesterday, going to Dantheman's tonight, Podcamp tomorrow, TBone's tomorrow night, Podcamp Sunday, Petersburg next Wednesday and Wheeling next Thursday. And Spring, Joe, Alan, and Summer are coming to visit next week, ahoooooooooooooooga!

Fortunately with all this driving I have a superb audio book and some stellar podcasts in the iPAQ. I'm listening to The Devil in the White City, a fascinating non-fiction tale of two dudes in Chicago in the 1880's and 1890's, one who builds the Chicago World's Fair (or Columbian Expo), and the other who uses the fair to lure and murder shitloads of people, ala his London doppelganger Jack the Ripper. Think about the bloody meat-cutting city in the age of gaslights and coal soot as the backdrop for the real-life thriller, it's the shit.

And me and Mike's second video is up and entered, see it on the 'tube at

Oh and I saw a freakin bear. About a mile and a half from my house. No shit. It was astounding. And he kindly let me take his picture, which hopefully I'll get a minute to post maybe next weekish?

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send a kid to Podcamp!