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Saturday, September 01, 2007
56 and sunny! what a morning.
Listening to:Knocking on Heaven's Door, Dylan
Reading:short form, webstyle
Weather:56, sunny, specfriggintacular
The horses are chasing each other around the meadow, and the bluejays are cheering (or jeering) them on. It's groovier than a barrel full of monkeys, I tell ya.

Three day weekend, saweet! Livi's first week of school was pretty good, and she again got to enjoy that beautiful feeling that is Friday after a full week of working hard. Ya don't get that when you're enjoying the summer slacking, and even though summer rocks, it's a uniquely groovy thing when that first friday comes along.

Have I already blogged about RadioLab? Dog, you got to listen. This is some fine audio, and you know I'm a voracious audio consumer, so's you got to figure I know fine, right? It's very This American Life flavored, but rather than story narratives RadioLab tends to be non-fiction, often sciency or social sciency, and has added production stuff. May I recommend the Morality episode? That was the first show I heard, and it rocked. Then try season two's show Detective Stories. These guys are thinkers and seekers, and the production is pretty high quality, which is a rare a groovy combination. Livi and I listened in the car, and it definitely stimulated some interesting conversation.

And on something totally unrelated, how about that South Carolina Miss teen whatever chick babbling on incoherently "the Iraq and such things" in response to a simple question about the sorry level of geography education in america? Brava! More! That's the kind of reality TV I could watch and enjoy with regularity, for real.

Not to stop short here, but I have a sudden strong urge for some coffee, so tally ho, my leetle blog, smell ya later.

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56 and sunny! what a morning.