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Saturday, September 01, 2007
dangit I forgot to say rabbit. and have a crappuccino, for real
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There are people actually paying $50 a cup for coffee made from beans picked out of cat shit. Now before you start checking Snopes on my ass (not there, BTW, but check my math on Urban Legends), let me give you a bit more detail.

Apparently the palm civet in Indonesia (yes, the cat-like critter that brought you SARS) likes to eat only the ripest perfect red coffee beans. It actually only digests the outside of the bean, then shits out the rest of the bean, which is the part we roast, grind, and brew for our morning ritual. The bean, like so many seeds, travels unharmed through the digestive system and comes out ready to rock.

And some sorry ass dudes gather the shat beans up and charge your sorry ass $50 for a cup of Kopi Luwak.

Don't ask me what's in the creamer.

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dangit I forgot to say rabbit. and have a crappuccino, for real