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Saturday, September 29, 2007
happy autumn, my leetle bloggyblog
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Weather:39! sunny and clear
It's nice how summer's lush dark green gives way to bursts of rich red orange and gold as the flora dies off for it's dry quiet winter. Fall rocks here. I saw my first woolly worm of the season several weeks ago, and for those of you who predict the next season's snowfall by them, he was all black. I think that is supposed to mean lots of cold snow. We'll see, I s'pose.

I spent most of a week at the racetrack and haven't yet recovered. No, not what you think, I didn't bet a penny. I was attending our annual Governor's Summit on Aging at Mountaineer Gaming resort in Chester, WV. It's not actually in Chester, really, thought that's what all their advertising says. It's actually south of Newell on the Ohio River. A groovy deco style hotel and electroslots complex with several restaurants and a horse track. No wifi, can ya believe it? No business center, either, oy. The joint is under heavy construction in prep for the newly-legalized poker and whatnot. Yet another way to extract a voluntary tax on the stupid. Actually, maybe table games will bring at least one smiling face into that place. Honestly, in four days of walking through and past hundreds of electronically humming and dinging colorful flashing machines, I didn't see one single smile on a player. All dour faces, tethered to their machines and their oxygen bottles, avoiding drinking liquids so they don't have to get up to pee. Very sad to experience, really, plus the smoke is suffocating.

And the week back in the office was a killer, trying to get caught up in this last week of my fiscal year. Also got monitored by a funder, which went very well, but was a little nerve wracking to prepare for after being away.

Lots going on these days, including two of my friends running for judgeships. Both excellent candidates and just good guys, too. My mind is fertile with new media ideas for their campaigns. I heard lots of people calling themselves new media consultants at Pittsburgh Podcamp, and I thought of them as just another incarnation of capitalists out to help some corporation spin you out of your money. But maybe I'm a new media consultant, too, only for democracy rather than commerce. And I do it for free. Not a whore, just a slut, hee hee. But seriously, I don't think I'm naive in most respects, but golly gee whiz this web 2.0 stuff can be used for righteous causes, dontcha think?

And speaking of righteous causes, and my new media evangelism, I built a collaborative website to raise awareness about the Megan Williams atrocity. Now the litmus test, will it raise any awareness? How will it do that? Part of the answer to these q's is that I have to tell people about the site, get them to tell people, get other interested people to help build it by authoring posts and commenting on other people's posts, design it so people follow the links to more info on the topic, etc. A website just taking up server space in the realm is little more than a flyer that doesn't get handed out. So please, pass it on, and put your voice in the mix while you're at it. There is much to discuss.

Did I already mention how much I love fall? The horses are glistening in the slanted morning sun and breathing out steam, but it will be tshirt weather by this afternoon, rock and roll.

Liv got her first paycheck yesterday! It was of course short 4 hours. Welcome to the world of the wage slave, my child! And of course she turned around and spent damn near all of her hard earned kale in the very store where she works on her Halloween costume. But she was happy about it all, so all it well. She's going to be Tank Girl, specifically the costume from the Let's Do It production number. "Look, it's been swell, but the swelling's gone down now."

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happy autumn, my leetle bloggyblog