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Sunday, September 09, 2007
Ken: buy yourself a penis. Love, Barbie.
Listening to:washing machine rumble, SL fountain
Reading:your freakin mind
Weather:63, hazy
I've got Second Life open on my other monitor, and my poor puter is sweating and straining. I rarely check in to Second Life. Once I got past the learning how to move and fly, and exploring how the physics worked and cool creations people had built in there, it lost its luster for justpeace Mandelbrot. I did tiedye my hair a couple months ago. But I'm mostly mildly annoyed at the other avs lagging up my scripts and whatnot, whereas I think most other SL residents are in it for the social. idk.

Now it's voice enabled, so you can apparently talk with mic in real time to other residents. I haven't tried it. Maybe that would make the social interaction smoother. Text only with total strangers is just weird. [I just sat down to a camping hookah to earn a few Lindens, and the sound was not in sync with the animation, it was kinda funny, my av was already blowing out smoke with the bubbling sound started happening.]

The RenFest yesterday was pretty darn groovy. Liv and I went with Rhi, her mom Carol, Donna, and Shane. It was hot and sweaty, as expected, but delightful. I bought some tasty triquetra earrings. There was a portable carillon concert, that was freakin cool. The cast iron bells are mounted on a structure that sits on a trailer, and this dark phantom of the opera kinda dude plays it. It was parked in the darkest part of the grove, which was nice, you could actually chill while you chilled and listened to the show. It sounded just like you'd expect a carillon to sound. Some of the bells are massive. It purports to be the only non-stationary carillon in the world. Kinda whack, and yet extremely groovy.

justpeace Mandelbrot is only earning 3 Lindens each 20 minutes at the camping hookah, and the human behind her av is getting prittee bored. Might have to bail before I actually score my big L$3.

Today is Haymond. It's pork chop day. I'm not too huge on the pig, but I'll probably try some. Haymond is the old schoolhouse in Taylor County, turned community center, that puts on a major feed monthly for $8/person. Liv and Lar and I generally go, though occasionally something prevents us from making the scene. Other than children, I'm usually the youngest there by about 20 years. OK, 17 since Lar is 58. The food is country good, always includes mashed potatoes, overcooked greenbeans, sometimes sweet potatoes, baked beans, cabbage. There's some featured meat each month like baked steak, or roast beef, ham, turkey or some such. There's green salad with a yummy homemade lemon poppyseed dressing, cauliflower salad, coleslaw, homemade applesauce. Tons of tasty desserts, usually there's a rhubarb cake or pie in there. Friendly people. The same old jokes about leaving any for the rest of ya, or not having to eat again for a week, etc. It's one of the cool things about living in this part of WV, the monthly Haymond adventure.

K, time to break away from the hookah, even though justpeace hasn't earned her L$3 yet. Crime doesn't pay, kids.

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Ken: buy yourself a penis. Love, Barbie.