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Saturday, September 08, 2007
we gonna party like it's 1599
Listening to:Isn't That What Friends Are For, Bruce Cockburn
Reading:various shortform schtuff
Weather:70, lil hazy
Liv and I are heading to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Fest today with a pile of our buddies. Promises to be a fun day, and likely sweaty and perhaps muddy if we get the likely thunderstorm. Been there, done that, it's aight. The Pburgh RenFest was there for like 12 or 15 years, then went away last year, now a new one is there on the same site. It's actually near New Stanton PA, east and south o'the burgh. Nice spot with a cool grove in the middle with all the craft vendors amongst the trees.

Happy saturday!

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we gonna party like it's 1599