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Sunday, October 28, 2007
18 teenagers just left my house
Listening to:Iron & Wine, On Your Wings
Reading:Renee's blog
Weather:sunny! 50
Just scrape me up off the floor with all the spilled soda. Oy.

Liv had a Halloween party last night, and only one invited person didn't come. It was chaos. Mayhem. Some drama. But mostly I think Liv and her friends had a good time. And ate tons of frozen pizzas and cupcakes and whatnot. The only thing missing was the Dr. Aaaaaah.

We typically buy soda for Liv's parties, something we don't keep in the house generally. And we usually get some Dr. Aaaah, the Giant Eagle version of one of my favorite sodas, Dr. Pepper. But alas, no Aaaah this time at the Jon Iggle. We even drove out to the one by Tarszhay, no Aaaah. So it was generic Root Beer, Ginger Ale, and Cream Soda (which BTW Liv claimed no one likes, and actually has fewer left than either of the other two soda flavors this morning).

I had planned on cereal for breakfast, but I knuckled under to the requests for eggs, and cooked up some tasty scrambled eggs with hot peppers from my plant, salsa, and onions. Damn good.

A'ight, time for a nap before I tackle the dishes.

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18 teenagers just left my house