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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
goo goo goojaiku
Listening to:Sway with Me, in my head, friggin commercials
Reading:Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy
Weather:54, foggy
Google acquired Jaiku. Jaiku is one of those microblogging social blast IMish kinda things where you get 140 characters to text some brilliance to your network. There's Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, probably others I don't know about. Jaiku is actually my fave of the 3, but like Livi's lament with Facebook/MySpace, the paramount thing in choosing one is which one most of your friends are on (or can be convinced to get on). Although you could just use it for techceleb lurking, and get on Twitter for Scoble or Jaiku for Leo or Pownce for Kevin Rose (I'm not hip enough to be able to find him).

But here's the thing about the google acq: sometimes they just kill stuff. Example: jotspot. I tried a motherlode of wiki engines when I was looking for the perfect one for work. jotspot was my wiki of choice, and we now have hundreds of pages on our jotspot wiki, and we all use it critically every single workday. We were paid subscribers. But don't get me wrong, it wasn't perfect. It had lots of bugs, but the feature set matched us best, and their techs were fairly responsive to bug reporting and whatnot. Since the google acq of jotspot, not a single tech support request has been answered. At least none of mine. And the support q forums have been totally ignored by anyone in jotspoogle. Sucks. Not to mention we had paid for a year in advance just before the acq, and now it's free for all users. I'd like my money back, but my request got a stupid canned not-gonna-happen reply. Dicks.

I'm off to DC for the Natl Aging and Law Conference today after a presentation in Bridgeport. I'm crashing at my mom's. Promises to be fun, perhaps exhausting, hopefully inspiring and informative. Meeting of my peeps, the Natl Assn of Senior Legal Hotlines, always nice.

Got a pile o'pix from the Bramwell Oktoberfest to review, but expect some of that tasty goodness soon. Two words: high gravity.

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goo goo goojaiku