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Thursday, October 18, 2007
the hobbit has left the building
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I know for sure that Ken Ervin is dead. I Saw his body lying in a coffin today at his funeral. As our mutual friend Jim said, none of us has ever seen him actually be still so long. Then there's the fact that when the old lady started singing Nearer My God to Thee at the end. he didn't make that really loud '' I'm so bored '' or '' you're full of shit" sound we've all heard him do often at meetings. Honestly the service was mostly lame, no pun intended. The minister did some reading that he prefaced with ''this is so appropriate" and truly it was absurdly inappropriate. But Mike s reminded me the other day that funerals are for the family, not for the dead person.

In this case ''family" might not be the right term. the family who planned this funeral get to call themselves Ken's family based on little more than DNA, I'm guessing. It had all the trappings of a traditional funeral: big flower arrangements, shitloads of bible references and readings, chairs of people sitting in neat straight lines, awful music. Makes ya wonder if his family ever actually met him.

But at one point during a song people just started sobbing and wailing. It was heavy. my heart was breaking for everyone, especially people with real disabilities who had such a powerful champion in Ken. How frightening to lose such an amazing protector.

It was all very sad and deeply unsatisfying for me. But listen to the voices of the people who hare left comments on this blog about Ken. that'll make you happy you know him, or sad you didn't.

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Sounds like Ken would have been bored to tears. His spirit was probably shuffling all over the place because in those stuffy type situations, Ken could never stay in one place. I can picture him in my mind rolling one way, then the other and then lifting himself up and down in his chair. I wish I could have been there today.
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the hobbit has left the building