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Saturday, October 20, 2007
what happened to Andrew Gold?
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I may not talk about it much on here, but I consider myself a bit of a 70's vocal pop aficionado. The family trees of classic folk rock and lonely shrubs of one-hit wonders are the landscape of a scary-sized chunk of my brain. And it's from this region that my question comes: what happened to Andrew Gold?

Admit it, you love you some Andrew Gold. My first AG crush came from the hit single Lonely Boy. That syncopated piano riff, that spot on vocal, perfect rockshow reverb on the guitar solo, interesting but accessible harmonic structure, and it's catchier than a hangnail. But even if you somehow weren't utterly captivated by that tune, you know you can't get enough of the Golden Girls theme Thank You For Being A Friend. Oh no? What about the Final Frontier, the theme from Mad About You?

Dude, it's genetic. His mom was the singing voice of Natalie Wood in West Side Story, and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, no joke. He has toured with, sessioned for, and produced zillions of my favorite kickass artists, 10cc, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, many more. This is quintessential shiny refined pop music, people. Some of SoCal's finest.

I found him on the web a couple years ago, and he was producing a podcast. Sweet. He played his favorite tunes and talked about them. I emailed him and gushed like a simple schoolgirl. He emailed me back! It was better than that time Hustler published your letter. Psych! No seriously, I was giddy.

Adam Curry apparently knows him, has played his tunes occasionally on the DSC over the past couple of years and has mentioned that they are buds of some sort. So I have occasionally been reminded of his presence, and checked in on his website. What prompted to do that again the other day, I can't recall, but WTF? A 404 on Dude, where'd ya go?

I think there was some mention of rehab around the time of a house concert he played in California a year or so ago. Damn, I hope his demons haven't totally consumed him. For his sake, and of course for mine since it's all about me around here, and for your sake, too. After all, you just realized how much you liked him. [cue fade up of Thank You For Being A Friend in your brain]

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what happened to Andrew Gold?