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Sunday, November 18, 2007
the composer at work
Listening to:SongBirth, Evolution, Larry Seyer
Reading:kite runner
Weather:40ish, overcast
Evolution of this blogpost: Rubbing eyes this morning I check in on Twitter. Scroll back a page or two (I'm on Twitter only a few times a week), see a tweet from TP, a very interesting new media consultant and filmmaker from Austin, and he includes a link to YouTube vid about which he uses superlatives and capital letters. TP thinks it's good, I'll probably think it's good (this is the juice of social media, BTW). Click. Freakin groovy, indeed. And for you guitar players, just hang in there, there's a 6 string cherry on top. With whammy bar.

Now it's your turn to click.

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the composer at work