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Friday, November 23, 2007
Download Kevin Reeves album "It's About Time"
I became a Kevin Reeves fan the minute I heard his song Shine on Adam Curry's podcast the Daily Source Code a year or so ago. This guy grew up listening to the same stuff I did, and he has the voice and chops to do those cats justice. I'm talking about ELO, the Beatles, 10cc, Yes, Genesis, and I'm guessing a little Journey, Queen, and perhaps a little Thin Lizzy or even Pat Benatar. Shiny refined melodic vocal pop, lots of harmony layers, plus sizzling electric guitar, funky keyboards, and solid rock drums. That's my one-sentence summary, please listen and draw your own conclusions. Plus he likes some of my more contemporary faves, too, like Bleu and Mike Viola. Here's a video that includes one of my favorite Bleu tunes from the Spiderman soundtrack

Kevin's so cool that he's giving away this album for free, as a giant Kiss My Ass to the RIAA and as a smart way to expose you to his tasty tunes, so maybe you'll want to buy his next record.

Whaddya think?

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Download Kevin Reeves album "It's About Time"