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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Hungry Mother
Listening to:Mary, by Willie
Reading:Kite Runner
Weather:34, overcast
It's Haymond sunday, I'll be enjoying some turkey and potatoes and all that later on. The weekend of the second friday of every month is a big one for me. Second friday is Peace Friday (where I caught more shit than usual with my simple "Support the Troops, End the War" sign), and Beer Night (our traditional November menu was awesome and included cheesecake and raspberries), and Haymond sunday (the Haymond community center hosts a monthly country dinner that I rarely miss).

And last weekend was a big one for my year, the annual gathering of Hungry Muthas, which is not really about food at all. Me and about 20 of my buddies rent cabins at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA and play music and hang out and imbibe all weekend. This year the weather was just perfect, a bit warmer than it's been at my house, and no rain. The leaves were still gorgeous, though past their peak. Tbird just turned 4. The music was sweet, included each of our greatest hits plus a few new ones. But this will be remembered as the Year of the Brownies. Dang.

In my Spiccoli stupor I did manage to catch some video, and I've put up a few on YouTube. Willie sings Rosie, Titties sings Autumn Leaves, and Willie sings Mary.

Liv has only 4 days of school in the next two weeks. Sweet. I have to work on Monday (we gave up Veterans Day to change our half days on xmas and New Years eves to whole days off).

And on a totally different note, for those who were wondering, waterboarding is torture and violates the Geneva Convention, and the US, despite what W blathers, does torture people. Let's count the days till we rid the White House of the current menace. And let's do whatever we can to install a president who will at least respect human and civil rights for the people of the world. Is that too much to hope for?

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Is Marion, located near Richmond? If so, I believe I have been there and it is beautiful in the spring.
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