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Friday, November 02, 2007
if he only had a brain, a heart, some courage
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Auntie M! Auntie M! The fat bald guy behind the curtain seriously cannot give you what you lack, George Bush, no matter how many old guys he bags on the average hunting trip. Seriously, how can you say this nonsense about Mukasey with a straight face? We don't want him to reveal whether he thinks waterboarding is an illegal torture method cuz we don't want the terrorists to know what we might do to them? Uh, dude, they already know. And whether waterboarding is illegal or not (p.s., it is) they are training their operatives to withstand it among your many other torturous interrogation techniques.

You are a malevolent malfactor, a blundering bellicose bullshitter, a pugnacious pinhead, a dolt, a dullard, a simpleton, a schlemiel, and last but certainly not least an ignoranus. Not a typo. We have truly reached an intellectual low in the white house.

OK, enough nasty name calling. I just mean to say that this is longest 8 years of my freakin life, helplessly watching you stear my country into the most dangerous point in our history with your blunders. You are exhibit A in the evidence against intelligent design.

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if he only had a brain, a heart, some courage