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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Listening to:Abney Park, Stigmata Martyr
Reading:Kite Runner
Weather:34, sun trying to appear
It's modern tech meets Victorian style. I think the style is derived from a fiction genre, some bastard child of fantasy and scifi but set in the steampowered era. I'm kinda into the idea. And in my nearly aimless morning surf I discovered a band who has adopted steampunk themes plus pirate, too, called Abney Park Their website is a little clunky to navigate, but clunky is part of the point, I suppose. Their music (listen to some at their myspace site)is vaguely Dead Can Dance, kind of a slightly slow hypnotic electro beat with middle eastern melodic stuff.

The steampunk art seems to include lots of brass and copper, convolution, clockworks, transportation and industrial themes, with a little goth flavor thrown in ala dirty lace. There's something about it that reminds of me of the one guy's work at Tamarack, can't think of his name. He does small very detailed pieces of sculptural art, from found stuff like filigree jewelry, plus leather and wood, some are picture frames, some small ornate boxes, some with religious icons. I always stop and look at that stuff when I'm passing through the Beckley area, can't seem to pass it up.

Well, tie to do some housecleaning before heading out to Ken Ervin's Morgantown memorial thingy at the Warner today. Cheerio.

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That's pretty cool!
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