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Thursday, December 06, 2007
got my snowday, and another today
Listening to:I'll Rise, Ben Harper
Reading:various crap
Weather:0 degrees, yes 0, and stunningly sunny
How cool, they actually called it last evening so we didn't have to set alarms to get up early to check if school was on or not. So nice! It got down to -3 last night on my porch, that 3 below 0. In fact it only got up to 0 about 25 minutes ago. Don't believe me? Here's the pic. It's hard to measure accurately because it was fairly windy at times during the day and night, but I believe we got around 8 inches of absolutely stunning sparkly snowflakes.

Fortunately I can serve clients from anywhere with phone and internet access, so I handled clients as usual yesterday. Nobody could get in to the offices to answer phones live in the morning, but the voicemail is accessible remotely, and by afternoon Peggy made it in and got appointments scheduled for me and intakes done. I can access our database and everything from my internet connection at home, so my clients got services as usual, they didn't even know I wasn't in the office when I called them. And I block my caller ID when I call clients from home. All good!

A little geek talk: I monkeyed with with my code for this blog template a bit yesterday, trying to solve the prob of not rendering in IE. I found a couple of cool tools to aid in this process. One is browsershots, which shows you a graphic of how your page renders in numerous different browsers and versions of browsers. You check boxes for which browsers you want to see it in. And it's free, gotta love the price. The queue was about 3 minutes long, generally. Next cool tool I found was ZDNet's Net Mechanic, which checks your code and links, validating your HTML and offering fixes for errors. Also free, and also rockin. Both have higher-function versions you can pay for, but the free was enough for me. The Net Mechanic test turned up so much stuff, my code is a mess from me cobbling together various cheesy widgets into my right-hand column. Some of the errors were within scripts for those widgets, something far beyond my ability to edit. I left most of it alone, but did fix a few simple tag errors. But what probably fixed it (dantheman said it was coming up in IE again) was the wholesale elimination of some of those widgets. I did actually make a few minor tag changes since the last publish, so when I hit post on this the proof will be in the pudding.

Time to go shovel some snow. Here's the morning view from the porch with my barn roof on the left.

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got my snowday, and another today