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Thursday, December 13, 2007
If it keeps on raining the levee's gonna break
Listening to:LedZep in my head
Weather:uh raining, duh
Here is a shot I took at Marilla today of the mighty mighty Deckers. I was heading through the park toward the Subterranean Bridge, my favorite highwater spot to look at, and got stopped here by the creek coming over the road. That's a spanky new Speed Hump there rising above.

This is a shot I took on Sunday on my way home from eating turkey at Haymond. It is Three Forks Creek where it passes under Oak Grove Road, about 3 miles down the road from my house.

And here are some shots of Brains Creek where it flows through my meadow just below my house. The little bridge is just a few feet from my driveway.

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If it keeps on raining the levee's gonna break