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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
oh come on, how about a snow day?
Listening to:Mobile, the Who
Weather:snowing! 25
It's beautiful snow. Mon Co has a 2 hour delay, and I've got my fingers crossed that they'll flip it to closed any minute now. It's snowing heavy and steady here in P-County, and I'm only 1 mile from Mon Co by road, even less by farm. Come on, dude! Cancel! If it doesn't happen in about 20 minutes, it'll be time to wake up Livi and hope we can get down the driveway without massive shoveling.

Danthman and Tom gave me the heads up that my blog has not been loading in Internet Explorer since Saturday. I've been trying to solve that prob by monkeying with my code, but so far no success. I stupidly don't back up the code whenever I add or change the various widegety crap in the left column, so I don't have a previous version to check. If there's a geek out there reading who is a browser compatibility sherpa, please give me a shout out. Otherwise I'll just keep tinkering and hopefully stumble across a solution.

It's seriously snowing hard, come on, cancel school already.

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oh come on, how about a snow day?