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Thursday, December 20, 2007
rodriguez, as well as beilein, wolverines. whooptifrickindoo
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Sheesh, I doubt the Demented Pest's headline on 9/12/01 was as big as it was announcing rod's departure to Michigan. I could read it in the paper machine 3 bloody blocks away. And honestly it would be hard for me to give less of a shit. 1. It's football. 2. It's just football. 3. There are things that matter, and this ain't one of them.

From the blue and gold to the blue and gold, now that's kinda interesting, if you ask me. I wonder if any of the ranting sports writers covered that little nugget of interestingness. Doubt it.

And on to something that does matter, it's almost winter! The big wheel turns, people, and pays no attention to your silly games. Come 1:08am Saturday morning we enter that quarter of our revolutionary path around the sun we english-speakers call winter. The sun comes back as the proportion of daylight to dark increases again. Woot. Now this is something actually worthy of my mental energy. Doubt it will even make the first section, much less a 4 inch headline.

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rodriguez, as well as beilein, wolverines. whooptifrickindoo