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Sunday, December 02, 2007
so slave in any era
A few more thoughts on Joey. First, I was thinking this week about dragging my unwilling ass out of bed at the prescribed time for work, mentally estimating the bills I'll owe come payday and will that leave me anything for the obligatory xmas purchasefest, not wearing the tiedye shirt I'd like because that wouldn't be kosher in the workplace, etc. I'm a slave to that stuff. I thought to myself, Joey was no slave. But quickly that thought morphed into: at least not a slave to any of that stuff. He was definitely a slave to something else. I suppose we all are, or at least most of us rarely reach those fleeting enlightened moments of breaking out of the servitude. Slave to the bottle, he was. Slave to his passions, maybe.

And also I thought how lucky we are to have gotten to share some time and space with him? Humans have been walking upright (and slaving?) on the little blue ball for, what, a couple million years? That's not a rhetorical q, I honestly don't know. But anyway, a long freakin time relative to the puny lifespan of one man. And how lucky were we to have our tiny speck of existence coincide with the likes of Joey? Any of us could have been born in a cave in the Pyrenees mountains a hundred thousand years ago. Or along the Silk Road in 1220 AD, maybe some bastard child of Genghis Kahn. Or anywhere before, after, or in between. But no matter what time or spot on the globe he'd been born in, I imagine we could have found Joey in the same kinds of places we found him in in this life: hanging out along the river, or in the woods, or on a mountain top, or in some meade hall or roadhouse, maybe pulling a handmade flute out of the pack or looking for a ride or someone to buy him a drink.

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Hey Cat,

I wanted to put a photo and other attached files to Joe's blog site, but couldn't figure out how. Nor do I know your email address!

Thanks for doing all this.
Peggy P
Hey Peggy-
I don't have an email addy for you, but I'll just hope you come back to see this reply. Easiest way is probably for me to add pix for you to the Joey blog. Contact me at justpeace at yahoo dot com and we'll do it.

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so slave in any era