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Saturday, January 05, 2008
4 below the night before here, and Iowa is not WV
Listening to:98.6 by Keith in my head
Reading:disability law
Weather:42, soaring higher, cloudy
It got down to 4 below zero out on my porch night before last. Frigid, yo. And I've had this nasty respiratory goo since 2 days before xmas, so the dryness that accompanies the artic air is kinda sucking. I've been boiling big pots of water on the stove when I'm home, it's helping a bit. We got about 13 inches of snow over the 1st of the year, even when it goes up to 60 tomorrow or Monday it'll take a while for all that to melt and evaporate. I took some photos, haven't pulled them off the card yet, coming soon on that.

I noticed some pretty righteous infographical maps on Google yesterday, check them out. Apparently these are the counties of Iowa and which candidates won convention delegates for that county. This first graphic is the democrats. Interesting to me is that 17 year olds who will be 18 by election day can legally participate in caucuses in Iowa. Cool. Looks like loosely Obama got the east, Billary got the west, and Edwards got the middle of the state. Caucuses are way more fun than primaries. I grew up in VA and turned 18 there and was lucky enough to get to vote in a presidential election that year. A bunch of people were in the gym at my school and we broke into groups, I remember us Rainbow Coalition (Jesse Jackson) peeps were on the bleachers at one end, others were under the baskets, etc. Very exciting, made ya feel like there was actually some functioning democracy in these united states. My dad the gun-toting racist repub and I enjoyed ourselves separately but equally, and with lively but civil discourse between us. He's still wrong, BTW. Heheh. But I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then about this pharmacocorporakakistocracy I really live in. Oh blissful ignorance.

And the repubs divided up with Romney on the east and west, Huckabee in the middle, and Ron Paul in Fairfield. Ron Paul? Seriously?

I'm in favor of the big Super Tuesday thing for all because all these early primaries/caucuses that establish some front-runner thing are screwing up what little actual democracy we have. Ron Paul ain't gonna win shit in WV, believe me. And John Kerry never would have been chosen as the best candidate by WV democrats, either, if we'd had a full slate of potential contenders by the time we got to choose. My point is that Iowa and New Hampshire should not have the privilege of weeding out candidates that the rest of the country want to have the chance to vote for. Once the WV democratic primary comes around many people feel they are throwing their votes away if they choose somebody farther down the established ranked list. It's not cool. The stupid primary system is not cool anyway, neither is the stupid elitist electoral college system. At least let me have a range of choices for the party nomination just like the Iowans and the New Hampshirites, dangit.

Oh, and the year was 1984 and the Insane Anglo Warlord won (it's an anagram for Ronald Wilson Reagan).

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4 below the night before here, and Iowa is not WV