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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
the big rabbit, happy new year, goodbye Four Corners
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Rabbit. I tried to sleep through the witching hour, but my neighbors' fireworks thwarted my efforts. No worries, I rolled with it. It's only been a few years since NYE hasn't been a big work night for me. I particularly enjoy chilling at home through it after decades of grabbing a quick toasting sip with bass in hand and looking at another couple hours of work ahead once the clock hits midnight. But it was always a big money night, good way to start the year.

Lar called yesterday and said he saw in the paper that the Four Corners Restaurant in Grafton was closing. The place has been there since 1938, and has great wait staff and good homemade diner food. Great meringue pies. I've enjoyed leisurely weekend lunches there countless times. Funky architecture, too, the ceiling was a big wide V, and one whole wall of windows facing south toward the funky old service station, also circa 1940, I'm guessing. Both closed up now, ready for demolition for a Walgreens. And directly across the street from the fairly new Rite Aid. It makes me sad.

So of course we went there for lunch yesterday. The place was pretty packed, but we got seated right away. Oh, and did I mention Coke, not Pepsi? I rarely drink soda, but when I do I like a nice fountain Coke. We had a nice lunch, tipped almost 50%, and wondered how much of a pay cut all these kind waitresses will have to take to work for Walgreens. And who will watch their kids when they start having to work overnight shifts? After all, what other jobs are available in Grafton? The friendly and professional hostess/cashier with the German accent said they're looking for another location to open a new restaurant, hopefully close by. Wonder if the new one will be around 70 years from now, and if they'll have those pies.

But it seems like I've spent a little too much time wistfully looking backward lately, so I figure it's time to shake that off a turn toward the front of the big wheel. I made it to 2008! Sweet. And if I'm still alive and kickin in about 3 months I'll turn the mystical age of 42! Sweet. My phone rang off the hook over the past weekend, I've got a bounty of kind friends wishing me well, how lucky am I?

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the big rabbit, happy new year, goodbye Four Corners