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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Listening to:I'm too embarrassed to say
Reading:Sex Lives of Cannibals, not what you think
Weather:45, rainy
It was above freezing at my house this morning, first time in I can't remember when, and the inches of snow have compressed down to about 2 and are getting mighty slushy. It was a crazy ride down the driveway.

I was channel surfing sometime in the past couple weeks and happened upon Food of the Gods. A horror movie from the 70's, that had me comically mesmerized. The true horror was the cheeeziness of the effects, or was it the wretched script? But what made me unable to change the channel was not the scenes where mice crawled all over a tiny model house, attempting to depict giant 6 foot long rodents. What gripped me was Marjoe.

I kept thinking, who is this guy, he looks hauntingly familiar. Then I remembered, I had seen a deeply disturbing indie short film that I thought starred him as a really evil violent dude. Can't remember the name of the film, and either it wasn't actually him or it's too tiny to be in his IMDB stuff, but nothing's ringing a bell there.

Anyway, back to FOTG. The film was totally 70's flavored, big lapels, longish hair, orange and green decor. I love that stuff, and the tragic cheeze factor just added to the kitsch. So after it was over I google the movie, see the star's name is Marjoe Gortner. Marjoe? Seriously? Is that the male or the female lead? No picture on IMDB, dammit, so google on. Yes, it's him! That hair, got to be him.

Who is this guy? Holy shit. An atheist? Not sure, but there's an interview with him in Positive Atheism Magazine (who knew that even existed?). Reading on. . .oh, snap! The dude's actual claim to fame is, wait for it. . . he was the youngest ordained preacher at the age of 4!!!!!!!!!! He was a Pentecostal faith-healing rock and roll fire and brimstone pulpit child dramatist! Now that's a tasty nugget. Just picture it. Oh wait, there's more. His name is a combination of Mary and Joseph! I can't make this shit up, people. "I'm in town to give the Devil two black eyes!"

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