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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
PSC evidentiary hearings on the stupid TrAIL powerline
A couple or three weeks of hearings at the PSC started last week in Charleston on the powerline issue. Did you hear about the absolutely absurd deal that Allegheny, et al brokered with the so-called Consumer Advocate at the PSC? That jerk. How in the world does free domestic electricity for the landowners who get the powerline offset the negatives for the rest of the affected WVians? Oh, they can plug really long extension cords in to those neighbors' outlets to avoid the RATE INCREASE they'll bear to fund this unwanted unnecessary beast? I seriously doubt that Consumer Crapvocate even consulted any consumers about whether they were willing to have him roll over for that pittance.

Please fire him.

You can check out documents including transcripts of these hearings here

Please let this PSC do the right thing here, ignore Billy Jackass and stop letting corporations rape our land and pretend we'll benefit.

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PSC evidentiary hearings on the stupid TrAIL powerline