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Saturday, February 02, 2008
I'm the one who added Punxsatawney Phil's 2008 prediction to Wikipedia!
Listening to:Lar on the phone
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Dude, when Time Mag named me Man of the Year in 2006, they were right. I am building the internet bit by byte. As I chatted with Larry on the phone this morning, moments ago, and as I am still doing right now as I type this post, Lar was watching TV. He was giving play by play commentary as he watched network coverage (he has no cable, just an aerial which he climbs a ladder to adjust, no shit) of Punxsatawney Phil's phrozen prognosication. He said they were reporting Phil had only predicted early spring 8 times since he started this whole see-your-shadow thing in the 18xx's. I tend to disbelieve virtually all statistics I hear, so quick like a bunny I'm on wikipedia seeing what the wisdom of the crowd is on that. And of course, network wrong, it's been 14 times, according to the w'pedia, and the predictions are listed by year, in case you want to verify each one.

Then I say to Lar "wonder how long it will take for the w'pedia to get updated with the 2008 prediction?" And then I realize, in the immortal words of the Everly Brothers, let it be me. Flash a moment forward to me clicking Edit, following the convention of the previous years listed exactly in my edit, and clicking save.

Now, when you go check out the Punxsatawney Phil entry in Wikipedia you'll see my addition of knowledge, Phil's 2008 prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. Hopefully Larry didn't mis-hear it on his snowy channel 12, or I didn't pick the wrong phrase from his Aspergerian rambling about the coverage. Wouldn't that be funny.

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I'm the one who added Punxsatawney Phil's 2008 prediction to Wikipedia!