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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
liv turns 17, and cat gets a little flu thing
Listening to:Parallel World, Glenn Tilbrook
Reading:Animal Vegetable Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver
Weather:snow!!, 25 climbing
I'm home with a little flu bug that grabbed me yesterday. Not totally terrible, just weird and slightly fevery. The snow is coming down fast and straight, full of moisture, and the temp is rising so we're either going to get several inches of snow, or it'll turn to some other form of precip here soon. But the beauty of it is a snow day!! Didn't have to take Liv to school, super sweet.

Liv turned 17 on Saturday. We did our usual Yer Birthday cranked up loud at midnight. That's the 17th time, I believe. It wouldn't be her birthday without the Fab Four announcing it to the neighbors at midnight, no siree. Creek don't rise I'll do it again next year, but who will do it the year after that when Liv's off at college? Sigh.

My mom and dad came bearing gifts for Liv's birthday, this is one damn fortunate child. They bought her a car!!!! I had a bit of a yelling match over the phone with my dad about it, we had extremely differing priorities on this car purchase, but she loves it, so all is beautiful in the world. I wanted a 4 door 4 cylinder Honda or Toyota with about 80,000 highway miles on it, preferably only 4 or 5 years old, perhaps a little dinged up so the price would be for the car and not the cosmetics. My dad, OTOH wanted spit-shined American V6 with leather interior and power everything, older with low miles for the year. Seeing as I'm the one who'll have to buy the gas and pay for the repairs, you can see why I wasn't too thrilled to see the latter show up in my driveway.

It's a 2000 Buick Century with leather interior and power everything, V6, 85,000. The trunk is huge, compared to my Civic, so that's cool. I'm just hoping I'm wrong about the quality of an American car with 86k miles on it. Liv took it out for a spin on Sunday, and she is such a happy camper. No license yet, just her permit, but now she'll have a good car to practice in, unlike my 5 speed. She's stoked, as you can imagine.

And my mom also got Liv a Wii. Sweeeeeeeet! Very fun toy, indeed. I suck as pretty much all the games, but it's fun anyway. And it's got Wifi, so you can get online and play other people, I think, without even plugging any wires in. I wish they had Castlevania Symphony of the Night for that thing, it's the only video game I ever really dug. But you'd need a different kind of controller anyway, so it's just as well they don't.

Monday's a holiday, absolutely excellent. I'm feeling weary. Winter doldrums, perhaps. At least the snow is a beautiful sight.

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liv turns 17, and cat gets a little flu thing