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Sunday, March 16, 2008
beyond laundry
Listening to:Livi singing
Cold and windy all day. Must have been more humidity than usual at this temp, cuz I had a helluva time getting my fire started. But eventually my backyard pit was ablaze with various cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, cardboard toilet paper rolls, nuke-rowave popcorn bags, etc. The coolest bits are always corrugated cardboard. Today it was my Guitar Hero box. Smoke rolls out of each tube of corrugation like Satan playing panpipes.

My cat and I like to watch the rabbit who has been hanging out & hopping around behind my house. I often see him out under the Norway spruces as I wash dishes. KitKat can sit still forever watching the seemingly oblivious white-tailed rabbit. I call him Bun Bun, after the stuffed critter in this very sinister little short film.

Speaking of movies, have I told you how much I totally dig RedBox? Now there's one at each of the two Giant Eagles in Motown, my grocery store of choice. One's right on my way home from work.

One day last week I rented a killer film: Into the Wild. The brilliant Sean Penn directed and produced and wrote the screenplay based on Jon Krakauer's book. It's the true story of an upper middle class kid who subverts the dominant paradigm, walking away from his life just after graduating from college. He eschews all his worldly crap, even burns the little pile of cash he has leftover after donating the balance of his college fund to Oxfam. His mission: a solo trip into the Alaskan wilderness.

I wont spoil it for ya. But I will tell you this is a beautiful film, a compelling story told beautifully with a great soundtrack.

Now who do we have nailed down as Les Six on Lost? Sayid, Kate, Jack, Sun, Hurley, and ?

I laughed out loud at The Soup the other day. Apparently on American Idol they did all Beatles songs, and one dude in particular abundantly sucked and blew the words to We Can Work It Out. Soup guy shamed him hard and said, "Congratulations Yoko, assassin, cancer, and one-legged golddigger, you are no longer the worst things that ever happened to the Beatles." SchWing.

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beyond laundry