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Sunday, March 09, 2008
tv, episode 2
Listening to:tv
Weather:16, sunsnowing
We got about 4 or 5 inches of snow yesterday, and it's still snowing though sunlight is coming through the clouds nicely.

Yesterday when Liv and I were vegging (literally & figuratively, eating a salad and staring at tv) we saw the Sarah McLachlan pet rescue commercial like ten times in 20 minutes. Liv said ''she's making me hate animals. "

then on another channel we saw the Dunkin Donuts commercial where a throng of slackjawed customers sing about how they are too stupid to be able to order coffee at, say, Starbucks because words like ''cappucino" are foreign, perhaps Fritalian. First, I'm no marketing expert, but I'm thinking that advertising your products as most appropriate for the ignoramus in your life is probably not a winning strategy. But if that's the approach you're committed to, why not go whole hog, Serve up Some Vienna sausage and Velveeta specials. During NASCAR. Second, the product the commercial claims the drooling masses are actually capable of ordering is a latte. Uh, that's Fritalian.

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tv, episode 2