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Thursday, April 24, 2008
glad I got a second opinion
55, lovely
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Reading:finished Into The Wild
I had an intermittent wicked bellyache from last Wednesday through Sunday night. I couldn't sleep for shit Sat or Sun night, so I headed to an urgent care clinic Mon morning for some diagnosis & relief. Dang them. they didnt open till 9a. so I headed to the ER at Ruby.

Thus began the Odyssey. long story short I have 2 gnarly gall stones. the 2 docs in ER, after nearly 5 hours of other people alternately poking, prodding, and ignoring me, informed me I was heading upstairs to surgery too removal of the stoney non-essential organ. I explained that my kid was expecting to be picked up from school in about 20 minutes so unless they were exploding stones they would need to stay in there at least another hour or 2. IOW you ain't the boss of me.

So is it such an emergency I cant go pick up my kid? Well your gall bladder is not going to yet any better . . .that is not answering my q. Youll have to sign out AMA if you want to leave. Please pass the pen.

I made an appointment for a surgical consult at the POC for 9:3Oa the next day. the I surgeons scratched their reads and explained I've probably had these stones 20 years and could have them 2O more it I dont want surgery. And I dont. they said it might not solve my belly ache any way because it was probably a reflux thing, since I have a hiatal hernia. Go home. Take OTC Zantac. Reduce dietary fats to relax the gall bladder.

Dude. Those ER does were about to slice me open. the one doc even threateningly said it could perf, you get perotinitis and die if you dont remove it.

Id rather just skip the salad dressing and keep all my guts. I'm pretty sure I dont actually have any spare parts. Except these last 3 wisdom teeth.

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It kinda worked out, having a kid to go pick up.
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glad I got a second opinion