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Saturday, April 26, 2008
the horses are back
Listening to:Falling or Flying, Grace Potter
Reading:haven't decided yet
Weather:52, gorgeous
I guess the meadow greened up enough for the horses to come back to graze. I noticed them at the top of the hill as I drove across the bridge on the way to my driveway yesterday after work. The evidence of spring is everywhere now, the intoxicating smell of lilacs and whatnot even made it up to my 5th story office windows yesterday, edging out the wafting wok and french fry oils from High Street. My yard has seas of deep purple violets highlighted with bright yellow dandelions. Some areas more than ready to be cut, but others still greening up.

You got to love the early blossoms of spring, the crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and other bulbs, the forsythia and other shrubs, the cherry, crabapple, dogwood and other flowering trees. They just crank out flowers before they even produce foliage, and you haven't done squat in the garden yet this year to get any of it. You're still rubbing your eyes waking up from your long winter hibernation. All this stuff is the fruit of either somebody's labors in previous years, or kind mother nature giving it away for free.

Well last weekend, mid-belly ache, I got to help out on a shoot for a political commercial. It was an actual film camera shoot. Extremely cool. The dolly was this amazing crablike collection of machined steel, all kinds of gears and threads and hunks of heavy metal. It was like those transformer robot toys, just take on and off various pieces of equipment, from zillion dollar cameras to drumthrone-size seats, then spin it, turn it, roll on it, ride it around the track you've assembled around your subject, and shoot your masterpiece. Light tweaks, filters, focus pulls, directing calls, props, ambient sound catching, roll camera, action, and 5 hours later you have 6 seconds of exposed film. You hope, cuz this ain't digi, you have to send to be processed and hope what comes back is what you thought you were shooting. We have become so jaded by extremely high production quality, even in our toothpaste commercials, that you can't settle for anything less and hope to have impact.

Time to get to all the neglected housework from last weekend, and the accumulated more from this week, oy. Makes a tent seem like a particularly attractive place to live, especially this time of year. Oh, and gather and pack my gear for show tonight. I'm playing a benefit for RDVIC at 5p in Morgantown with my brand new tasty guitar. Sweet!

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hi cathy i hope your stomachache is better. love tom rodd -- p.s. did you get our anniversary invite for may 31?
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the horses are back