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Friday, April 11, 2008
springy spring and whatnot
Listening to:Scott Sigler interview on TechNation
Reading:between books
Weather:60! overcast
So much happening, I rarely see my house in daylight, or have urge to sit at this computer here at home and blog. It's spring fever, my annual bout of this tasty ailment. I'm repeating myself from years prior, but the symptoms include a variety of dudes suddenly looking particularly good to me even though I know damn well they are not really looking good at all. It's the spring fever goggles! Dangerous, I say.

So wuzzup? Liv n Brandin n Lar n I took a roadtrip to Marietta GA over spring break to visit Spring and family. Baby Alan turned 1 year old in March, and sorry to drivel on in tired platitudes, but dang how time flies. This ain't no joke, ya young whippersnappers, some boring minutes may seem to last forever but years burn fast, so dig a minute even if it's drab, paint your ennui magenta or some shit.

I'm hoping to get a chance to roadie for a filmmaker tomorrow, that promises to be fun. We're actually both volunteers for a political candidate and it's a shoot for a commercial. I'll just leave you guessing who until after we complete it. Wouldn't want his opponents monkeywrenching our plot. Heheh, ya never know.

Oh, BTW, go pry the piece from his cold dead fingers, Charlton Heston had left the building. No tears here. Acting in epic blockbusters are cool, hosting gun rallies in towns where horrible gun tragedies have just occurred is not.

Grasshopper, lefty loosey righty tighty does not always apply in plumbing.

College is looming on Liv's horizon, and there's a major and somewhat mysterious list of crap we have to get done starting yesterday. Tests, scheduling, visiting, comparing requirements, costs, scholarships, environments, figuring what the hell you're gonna be when ya grow up, it's all a bit daunting. And she's only a junior. My parents are even fighting over who gets to take her to visit where. Calgon, take me away. She's going to a groovy-sounding thingy this summer at American U. It's some kind of student leadership thing for two weeks that looks good on your resume, but the subject area is Journalism and Mass Media, which actually sounds pretty fun. But the dress code is Business Casual. Sheesh. More shopping, I need a third job.

And I got the rather sudden jones to go buy a guitar. It's been simmering for years, but I got the notion that between the stimulus check and a bow I'd like to sell, I could come out even on a sweet new axe. I have this cello bow, not the one I normally use, a second one, but it's pretty sweet, pernambuco stick, tortoise shell frog and whatnot. I think I could get a few grand for it. I stopped and played some Taylors and Yamahas at Showtime Music in Bridgeport. The guys working there were very patient and nice and helpful. And nobody else around here carries Taylors. They had a very vast selection, too. I'm totally stoked and ready to plunk down cash I haven't even got in hand yet, very uncharacteristic of me. I'm oddly fiscally conservative, believe it or not.

Saw a gorgeous magnolia in bloom on the way home from work yesterday. Also ran into Luke Short at the new Cafe of India at lunch. That was all sweet.

OK, these dishes aren't washing themselves, so time to scoot back into the kitchen and bust a scrubbing move. I only took off 2 hours from work this morning, so tick tock, got a meeting at 10:30. We're going to see the Capitol Steps tonight at the Met, among other things, looking forward to that. Oh, and speaking of the Met, by happenstance I got to dig the Dave Mason show there last week, outfrickinstanding. Shot a little video, I'll put it up on YouTube and link ya later.

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springy spring and whatnot