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Friday, June 06, 2008
free movies at the Warner this summer!

Sweet. The old deco theatre (site is down at the time of this post) on High Street in Motown is showing family movies at free showings on Sunday afternoons and Monday evening this summer. The flyer I got didn't list the actual time of the free showings, but apparently you just show up and get in fo free, can I get a hell yeah? Here's the sched:

  • • June 8-9: Antz PG
  • • June 15-16: Evan Almighty PG
  • • June 22-23: Flushed Away PG
  • • June 29-30: Hook PG
  • • July 6-7: Bee Movie PG
  • • July 13-14: Rug Rats G
  • • July 20-21: Sponge Bob PG
  • • July 27-28: Madagascar PG
  • • August 3-4: Shrek PG
  • • August 10-11: Over the Hedge PG
  • • August 17-18: Ice Age PG
  • • August 24-25: The Simpsons Movie PG13

Now that we've discussed the grooviness let's get to the ungrooviness, just for clarity and completeness. The Warner, though a righteous old movie palace, has extremely shitty projectors and sound systems. It was chopped into a triplex umpteen gazillion years ago, and the upstairs cinema in particular is really dreadful quality. I almost got up and walked out of the third LOTR movie there, seeing that the dialogue was nearly incomprehensible and the lower left 40% of the screen was distorted and fuzzy. Not cool, people, not cool. Oh, and speaking of cool, there's no heat in the building, or if there is, they choose not to ever turn it on because I literally saw my breath in a downstairs showing of Dreamcatcher one December evening.

I'm down with the cause of independent cinema, indeed. And these guys do show some films that I can't see anywhere else nearby (Sicko, Butterfly and the Diving Bell, Rocky Horror). And it's a splendid old palace, right here in walkable downtown motown. And the people who work there are generally very cool. And the popcorn's pretty good and not too expensive. But any film that has a great soundtrack, or you're seeing for the visual beauty, don't see at the Warner. Take the kids to see Shrek there instead.

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free movies at the Warner this summer!