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Sunday, June 22, 2008
solstice in Alaska, Terry Gross blows it on Mike Myers, screw iTunes buy DRM-free mp3s on Amazon
Listening to:Lines On My Face, Frampton, Live in Detroit
Reading:Omnivore's Dilemma
Weather:78, smashing
I'm searching for sheet music for various Led Zep, Beatles, Nirvana, etc. by the generically-named String Quartet on Vitamin Records. They do these tribute albums to various classic rock bands, and I've been listening to several of their individual tunes on YouTube, but can't seem to locate the sheet music. I heard a string quartet (probably them) doing Dazed and Confused in the background of a recent This American Life episode, and got the jones to form a classic rock string quartet. Wedding reception music for aging hipsters or something. Anyhoo, after about 45 minutes of fruitless surfing I give up on trying to buy books of their tunes, so please hook me up if you have a lead on it. I did find Mona Lisa Sound's page with sheets for some individual tunes, but not only are they pricey (like $25 a tune), but many I wanted are not there like Nirvana and Soundgarden and Red Hot Chilis.

Ed Peirce called me from Sterling, Alaska where he's on a movie shoot. Must be a religious thing because he kept saying "it's not a religious thing." Heheh. He also cracked me up talking about wherever the hell it is that Bush wants to drill for oil, saying it's the ugliest place on earth and the media lies and shows footage of frolicking creatures in the tundra or something. As if it's OK to drill since it's not pretty. Humans can be so silly. But he seems to be enjoying the ride, even though it's like 100 miles to a freakin store. I think he said he'll be there for a month or so. I can't wait to see the film and the outtakes, too.

Did you hear the Fresh Air recent interview with Mike Myers? Surprisingly lousy job by Terry Gross, and somewhat surprisingly interesting insights by Mike. I'm a Terry Gross fan, I love the show, and I usually dig her relaxed but prepared interview style. But I really think she screwed the pooch on this one. She didn't seem to actually listen to any of Mike's answers to her q's. He had some pretty heartfelt replies about his relationship with his dad, the impact his dad's death had on his psyche and on his comedy, interesting parallels her sees between the values of comedy and philosophy and spirituality, and whatnot. And Terry's next question so often clearly indicated she hadn't heard what the guy just said, or she wouldn't have asked that stupid next q on her script. Not just once, over and over. Lucky it was radio, cuz I figure Mike's face got a bit quizzical after a while.

As if the version of Lines On My Face from Frampton Comes Alive wasn't stellar enough for ya, try this absolutely delicious rendition from Live from Detroit. He's still got it, even if the golden mane's gone. I bought it DRM-free through Amazon for 99 cents, too. Hell yes. I really like the iTunes GUI but I can't stand them sticking it to you by tying up the mp3's you pay good money for from them, just to have buy them again for another device or if you have a hard drive crash or something (and who hasn't?). Fuckers. That just ain't right. I'm giving my 99 centses to amazon from now on. Once you buy the track, it's yours to put on all your devices, burn, whateveh.

I heard a great live blues show the other night in Second Life. His first name was Forsythe, and I'm pretty sure it's this guy. I haven't been in SL for quite a while, and so often I'm hard on the live performers in there, but this cat was totally in the pocket. If you're in SL look me up, I'm justpeace mandelbrot.

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solstice in Alaska, Terry Gross blows it on Mike Myers, screw iTunes buy DRM-free mp3s on Amazon