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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Baked steak and berries and bear, oh my!
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o's d, i'm slowWeather:75, sticky, overcast
It was baked steak day at Haymond Community Center today. Last month they were shorthanded, so we went early to help out today. It was pretty cool. We ate for free (that "steak" was a little gristley, but the mashed potatoes and green beans were delicious as always), in exchange for bussing tables. Easy breezy cheesy louizy. I saw Bill Davis, a leader in senior issues, and his wife unexpectedly. They have moved up here from Charleston. Anyhoo, I left there about 2p with full belly and kind appreciations for my labor.

I decided to take the long way home. At the end of Oak Grove Road I turned right instead of left to have a look at Fortneys mill. i had a lovely refreshing swim there yesterday evening, but it rained a good half-inch this morning so I wanted to see the change. Then I turned back and slowly checked out the road banks in search of black raspberries. plenty of berries, but only available to climbing monkeys.

When I came to the road home I kept going straight instead of turning. this road brought me into Independence just next to the old brick two room school house. But before I crested the first hill, I saw a young black bear running up the road in front of me! He ran up the bank into the woods. Sweet.

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Baked steak and berries and bear, oh my!