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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Surely Gmail must be kidding
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I have zillions of email addresses, but they all feed into the same place so I just POP3 one account to get it all. I've had a gmail account a long time, got it back when they required an invitation, but I don't generally give it out. I keep it as a kind of free web storage for some files, and also of course it's my ID for all the various googlery.

All that to say I don't use the email functionality of gmail very much, but I was rooting around in my gmail inbox today looking for something I thought might be in there. I can't freakin believe how utterly lame the interface is. You can't sort your inbox by anything but date?!? Come one. This can't be true. I immediately assume I'm just too stupid to find the right button or menu choice somewhere. So I google sort gmail and it's been blogged and forumed repeatedly, you have to use some third party app to sort your freakin mail.

I find this so absurd. Dude, I could write that little chunk of code, please. Surely Google has been asked repeatedly for this tiny little absolutely standard functionality, why in the world would they be so bullheaded as to continue to leave it out? It's even sillier than Google refusing to use the "w" word for Google Sites, which are clearly wikis, though an admittedly limited and stripped-down wikis.

Too big for their britches, I guess. Like a teenager who steadfastly refuses to make a change she knows is would be good just because she adopted the anti position before she knew any better. She won't change because it's like admitting defeat and being right is more important than almost everything else. Google probably has stinky feet and acne, too. Dorks.

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Surely Gmail must be kidding