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Friday, August 22, 2008
sweet, sweet friday, at last
Listening to:Bad Sneakers, Steely Dan
Reading:not a giant pile of proposals
Weather:still outstanding, the best August in memory
Silver is not a color. It's actually a bunch of colors.

Bad sneakers and a pina colada, my friend. They just don't write'em like that anymore, do they? Skunk Baxter just rips that solo, and then you hear that delicious silky dark back up vocal from Michael McDonald scoot in behind it, going insane, laughing at the frozen rain. Steely Dan is my desert island band. As much as I love the Beatles, and dang girl you know I do, the richness of Steely Dan's production provides me endless hours of analytical fun as well as some damn funky backbeat whenever I need one.

The glorious summer weekend, a unique joy exclusively for the working class. Can I get a hell yeah?

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Amen Sister, and Hell yeah too! (And the weekend is a welcome relief!)
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sweet, sweet friday, at last