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Saturday, September 13, 2008
expelling some goo
Listening to:Steely Dan
Reading:Blindness, Jose Saramago
Weather:70, overcast, heavy
I've had a wicked cold for several days, lost my voice and stayed home from work with no relief. Of course instead of getting a break to recover, I was just harangued by numerous people in various roles demanding answers from me via email. The curse of technology. I have never actually had a sick day at this job, a day when I didn't spend at least a few hours fighting fires and responding to a cacaphony of conflicting demands. What I wouldn't give to be a burgerflipper for a month. Though even as a burgerflipper I'd still have to deal with the Maintenence Needed light that just came on in my car and the hot water tank in my basement that just sprang a leak and the roof that keeps throwing shingles when the wind blows.

Shut up, Dr. Phil, I don't want any cheese with my whine, my two fat gallstones don't like cheese. And you of all people should know, since one is named after you.

Not sure if it was caused by being home for 3 days (though I had to drive to motown everyday to get the kid to and from school anyway) or something else, but I got inspired to do a little spring cleaning this summer morning. I've got a pile of someone else's junk in my basement that is going to Goodwill. Don't worry, the friend explicitly doesn't want the junk. My barn is full of some other friend's junk, but that's another story.

The cool thing about having someone else's junk in your space is you can't fill that particular space with more of your own junk. Then you get a sweet bonus when you expel the friend's junk, elbow room.

Oh, and for the curious, my other gallstone is named Oprah.

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expelling some goo