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Monday, September 01, 2008
got to hang out with baby Jurni this weekend
Listening to:Cannonball, Damien Rice
Reading:the little stuff
Weather:frickin awesome, sunny, 66
Spring, Summer, Alan, and Jurni come up for the weekend. Jurni is 5 weeks old, and just awesomely perfect and easy to hang around with. She sleeps a lot still and when she's not sleeping she's just looking around and wiggling her legs and arms. We thought she should hit a home Cubs game before baseball season is over, get it, Wrigley Field! Nrk nrk nrk.

Her big bro Alan, 17 mo old, just loves her. He'll sit down on the floor, spread his little legs, and hold out his arms and say "mimi! mimi!" when he wants to hold her and kiss her. So adorable.

Today it's a puttering day, laundry, burn brush, etc. I'm listening to a variety of Josh R's on Joshua Radin, Josh Rouse, Josh Ritter. It's mellow modern throwback acoustic, almost whispered vocals very up front in the mix, fingerpicked acoustic guitar cut the treble way back or play on old strings, sparse arrangement, maybe some chick backups, not just I-IV-V. It's right on for a Sunday-like Monday in the wigwam o'cat.

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got to hang out with baby Jurni this weekend