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Sunday, September 28, 2008
what's more communist than a government bail-out or corporations? and RIP Paul Newman
Listening to:Peg, Steely Dan (hey Jim S!)
Reading:about the bail out
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Well, some worker control at the street level, I think. But I'm not trying to pretend that I'm some kind of government or politics or economics expert here. I'm just saying, as a working single parent in the U$A who watches TV and is aware of the internet (heheh, little stab at the old man, just for fun), that the folks who control the wealth up in here love their capitalism until the markets finally respond to their obscene greed. Then it's all about big government and subsidy and spending and welfare (for corporations).

This bail-out cost is about $700 billion, or at least this is the figure most popularly used in headlines. Do you know how much of our budget goes for welfare checks? I mean TANF, which used to be called AFDC, the one welfare program for families with children that actually gets you a monthly cash benefit. In 2009 it's $16.8 billion, total. The average monthly household income for a family on TANF is $1,058. Yeah, a thousand big bucks. Meanwhile AIG's outgoing CEO just turned down his $22 million severance payoff. What a guy, so fuckin generous with our tax dollars which will be bailing out his colossal failure. Our government is purchasing these failing corporations and purchasing their bad debt.

What do you call it when government owns and controls the means of production in a nation?

And on another terribly sad note, Paul Newman died at 83 on friday. My favorite Newman role was Butch, the wild west robber who was in it for the money and the game, not the violence, like his pal Sundance. I'm guessing in 2008 Sundance would end up the imprisoned fall guy for the duo's shenanigans, but Butch might just get a $22 million golden parachute. And he'd keep it.

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"Peg...It will come back to you!"

Thanks for the mention.
It's my favorite foreign movie. :)
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what's more communist than a government bail-out or corporations? and RIP Paul Newman