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Sunday, October 19, 2008
cat is a happy podcamper
Listening to:podcamp presenters
Reading:podcamp stuff
Weather:i'on't know, I'm camping indoors at Art Inst of Pburgh
Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 is winding down, I'm thinking about bailing a little early to avoid the post-Steelers game traffic. But there's a live Revision3 getting taped at 3p, seems like it might be fun to get in on.

I went to a free Squonk Opera show last night at Schenley Square. Friggin cold night for an outdoor show, more about that later, but it was especially cool to dig yet another free event this weekend, since I was digging the totally free Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 and staying fo free with my sweet friends Tracey and Leslie in becoming-hip Lawrenceville just a couple miles from AI, and eating a free delicious meal kindly and deftly prepared by Leslie. There was even an free art project behind me at the show, artlumiere projected beautiful colored light patterns on the Cathedral of Learning and the Stephen Foster Memorial. I'll post my lousy photos (night shots not great with my camera and me operating it) but in the meantime check out the photos on this page.

I know, you wish you were me.

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I'm so glad you made it to pod camp and had such a fab time...Because of your last post, I just picked up All Things Must Pass and prepare to download while listening. Let me know when you'll be in town next...
just popped in the cd and was checking out the cover art. pictured in the background is a gas station. gas prices? 87.0 nonfancy, fancy 89.9!
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cat is a happy podcamper