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Sunday, November 23, 2008
a balmy 6 above 0 fahrenheit
Listening to:kid charlemagne, steely dan
Reading:your brain on music
Weather:6! clear, still inches of snow on the ground
I've taken to bringing my guitar with me when I take shower. Actually I set my open guitar case on the toilet seat so my instrument can get a little hydration in the steam. my cello gets a turn today. This wicked early cold plus my current alterate home heating is drying the hell out of my indoor air. And wooden instruments frickin hate that almost as much as the inside Of ony nose does.

It's a long story, but the short version is I've got water in my fuel oil tank. But I have a strategy to solve this prob, just waiting for delivery of the last piece of the puzzle.

Have you been watching South Park this season? Uh, dude. the Show has always been delightfully twisted, but this season they have been taken twisted to a whole new level. The new episode shown on the Wednesday after the election nas astounding. It wasthis whole Oceans Eleven thing with McCain and Obama cooking up the entire election to enable their elaborate scheme to steal the Hope diamond. But the astounding part was the use of lines taken directly from Obamas actual acceptance speech, given mere hours before the episode aired!

Time to go get the day started. My cello needs a shower.

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a balmy 6 above 0 fahrenheit