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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Motown's changing : No more brewpub or La Casa
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I've been going to both of these places for a couple decades, I think. La Casa used to be on Pleasant St, across from the Underground Railroad. It was kinda dirty, the waitrons were bitches, and the margaritas were weak. But that chile relleno with sour cream sauce was unique and delicious. And the building they moved to several years ago in the wharf is beautiful and has a nice deck right on the trail, and the waitstaff eventually became friendlier if not faster.

I started going to the brewpub back when it was the One Onion, in the 80's. The beers were tasty, the food was inconsistent, and the sound sucked (I played a few gigs there with a couple different bands). But again an outdoor seating area and hard to describe ambience made WV Brewing Co the place to go sometimes.

I'll miss them both.

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Motown's changing : No more brewpub or La Casa