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Saturday, December 13, 2008
road trip to visit TeePee
Listening to:liv's alarm clock
Weather:20, clearing
I met a groovy dude at Delfest last summer. His name is Teepee. Cuzall he lived in a teepee for a couple years. He's a sweet generous mountain man who plays guitar and has a long beard. He called me the other day, and if the roads improve a little I'm thinking off taking a ride to visit him.

Liv is staying w/friends in town, has to work later, and is staying w/friends again tonight so i'm off duty for my usual Saturday driving miss livi. It's Caturday!

Teepee lives in Garrett Co MD, which typically does a way better job of snoww removal than P County. Hopefully that's the case today. It's a winter freakin wonderland out her.

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road trip to visit TeePee