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Friday, December 12, 2008
wake and bake
Listening to:fillintheblank morning show on tv
Weather:30, snow ending
Snowday! Freakin sweet. Although I could use a little more sleep. I got a call from a friend letting me know school was cancelled at the wicked hour of 5am. Uh, dude, I could have happily learned this info at 6am when my alarm went off. But it inspired me to get my ass up outta bed and . . .

Bake. I'm talking about holiday sweets, y'all. Psych! ;) But seriously, since my first round of baklava and almond shortbread turned out stellar, I decided to go round 2 so we'd have more to share. A double batch of shortbread is already outta the oven, and the baklava will be out in 30 minutes. Yeah, baby, uber productive.

I actually have 3 non-client in-person appointments today, so I'm gonna have to brave the roads and get to town in a couple of hours, unless I call to cancel. But the snow, an absolutely gorgeous one, BTW, is only a couple inches deep and it's 30 degrees on my porch, so I'm thinking the roads should be peachy by then. Plus it's beer night, and I've missed the last two! Sometimes ya gotta prioritize friends over safety, dang it. Damn the torpedoes.

I actually moved the little flat screen my mom gave me a few months ago from its lonely and ignored place in the living room to the kitchen just for this morning. We don't watch TV in the living room, that's the place for socializing not zombieizing. We tend to watch TV in the bedroom around here. Anyhoo, I decided to leave channel 12 on (I usually watch the morning local news on 12 in clarksburg, mostly to mock the lousy weather guy and whatnot, but that's a whole 'nother blogpost) after it switched from local to the national fill-in-the-blank morning show.

Usually we are long gone by the time these shows come on, so I don't watch them often. And I must say, if today is a typical day on this show, I've got some strong advice for this anchorpeople and reporters:

1) Switch to decaf. Or your kid's ridilin or something. Seriously. You're gonna stroke out if you keep up this spastic hyper drama. The economy reporter was practically screaming like a howler monkey, barely able to take a breath between rants. And clearly blaming the auto workers for the failure of the detroit bailout to pass congress, which is a bunch of bullshit. I'm with the workers: why accept 1/3 paycuts when your bosses aren't taking them? And why not let your precious capitalism take its course, we're not going to buy fewer cars, just fewer crappy fords and chevies. Let the corporations cut jobs, whoever remains keeps the contract payrate, and those who get cut get reeducation paid for by their years of union dues, or a new job at Toyota or Honda where you can be proud of the car you build cuz it's not a hunk of disposable gas-guzzling junk.

2) That medical reporter chick is an industry whore. Her brilliant advice today: if you have prescription drugs, take them as prescribed. First, how is this news? And second, this makes sense because your physician is so on top of everything and never makes medication mistakes? Please. We are a desperately overmedicated nation of drugseekers, and physician pushers are happy to oblige their pharmaceutical warlords and our advertising-induced demands and write mountains of scrips for us. Merck and Astrazeneca and RiteAid and CVS are like, what economic downturn? That doctor who comments on the medical news is beyond biased and refuses to consider science that contradicts her party line. People have died from the HPV immunization, and her response was I had my daughters get the immunization and these reports are exaggerated. Really? Death is a little hard to exaggerate, dontcha think?

3) Coming up, super cheap ways to decorate that dead tree you just bought for your living room. New LED lights that use less energy. Make your own macaroni ornaments. Here's cat's idea: use all the old crap you already have for that tree. Save the money you're spending buying new lights and paints for your macaroni, and hang up stuff from those numerous boxes of old xmas junk taking up space in your basement. Buy nothing, try that, I'm thinking it'll save you money.

4) Matt, when you interview the cop about the freshly-found decomposed body of a 3 year old child, starting your conversation with "good morning" is just ridiculous. On what planet is that the basis of a good morning? Do you even hear yourself babble, Matt? Sheesh.

5) Just let Al talk the whole time. He's totally entertaining, and has a brain, too. The rest of you drama queens could try a new career calling bingo or something, where spazzing out is perfectly acceptable.

Wow, I feel so much better. Blog therapy, both cheap and effective. Reason's greetings, y'all!

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