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Saturday, January 10, 2009
google's newest favicon
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Dangit, I keep getting nooged trying various ways to convert and ftp the new Google favicon to post here and rag on. But at least for the moment I'm writing it you should be able to find it yourself by opening Google's homepage and looking at the little colorful picture next to the URL in your browser. Googled changed it again, and as usual, I'm not a fan. The colors are ugly and I still prefer the uppercase G.

But I always almost get used to them just about the time they change yet again.

This blog has gotten way more linky than writey the past several months. I think it all started when I killed my PDA. My second iPAQ, an hx3800 purchased in 2004, was getting pretty long in the tooth anyway, but I sealed it's sorry fate one evening coming home from work and freaking dropping it caseless on my concrete front porch while trying to open the storm door and carrying too much crap haphazardly. Shattered the screen internally. It so sucked.

I actually still have my old (and still functioning) first iPAQ, from 2001. Can't remember the model offhand. No wifi, hardly any memory, bla bla bla, but I fired her back up and she got me through the calendar synching necessities for work, so I hung in there till I could amass the pile of cash needed to buy my new iPAQ 210. Meanwhile, I had no handheld toy for blogging, and I sit at my desktop less and less on my offtime, hence the blogslackery.

So that's my long boring tale of excuses for falling out of the writing blog habit. So easy to just post a link and say ponder that, I lost the hang of thinking and verbing it. Perhaps that should be a resolution for my new year, get back to thoughtful distillation. Uh, then again, resolution's are just made for breaking, so forget I said that.

We're in the throes of winter now, everybody hanging in there? Staying warm? Keeping pipes from freezing? Got your car properly winterized? Eating root vegetables? Don't forget about water. I tend to be less interested in drinking water in the winter, and actually tend to feel less thirsty, but my body is tricking me. Winter pulls plenty of water outta ya, perhaps not through sweat, but don't forget to hydrate, your skin and membranes and whatnot will thank you for it.

Happy new year!

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google's newest favicon