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Friday, January 30, 2009
it's been a long winter, and it ain't even February yet
Listening to:stuck in the middle with you, stealer's wheel
Weather:18, dropping
Sheesh. I have seen my driveway or my yard in a freakin month. This snow just won't go away. It even got up to 48 degrees and rained the other day, but there was just so damn much snow it hardly made a dent in the white blanket. I like snow but this is ridiculous.

Come Monday we'll know more. It's Groundhog Day, time for Punxatawney Phil the prognosticating rodent to tell us the future holds. Though ya know statistically he very rarely predicts an early spring, and I most seriously doubt he'll go against the numbers this year either.

I've been spending a little too much time Facebooking lately. But I just can't get enough of this 25 random things note that all my friends are doing. It's a cooler variation on the old email forward of answer these questions about yourself and pass it on, which I always kinda liked too. You know the one, chocolate or vanilla, scary movies or chick flicks, what makes you cry, bla bla bla. This one is much groovier because it is wide open and tends to elicit fascinating bits you would never otherwise discover about the person. And FB lets people comment and see the comments of others, so you get the interactive thing, as well. Frickin sweet.

I'm way behind on some video production for my friend Mike. The hold up is music. I need some uncopyrighted music for intro and outtro and it's holding me up. Kinda ironic since I got my freakin undergraduate degree in music composition and theory. But I never had any interest in composition, there was no theory degree without it. It's actually been the bane of my musical existence much of my adult life, too, since every band I've been in has songwriters dying to play their original tunes all the time, and I prefer a cover every time. I think most audiences prefer to hear familiar tunes most of the night, too. Not all, of course, but most. Anyhoo, it finally dawned on me today, I should just pull out some old legit stuff that is beyond copyright, like some tasty little Bach dance movement or something. So I dusted off the famous Bourree in E minor on my guitar. Maybe. Maybe not. Then I sightread some other Baroque guitar stuff. That's a brain workout, for sure. Made me want to work up a few tunes just for the fun of it.

Might as well, I won't be skinnydipping or mowing grass anytime soon.

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it's been a long winter, and it ain't even February yet